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Living with a Jack Russell
This is where it all started!
Murphy's links
Here you will find a little bit of everything!Feel free to link on!
Murphy's F-Key Saver!
There are a lot of sites here.From Fun to Help!



I hope you will enjoy your stay with us.Please don't forget to sign the guestbook,so many people do forget! Feel free to link your site on so everyone can come and see your hard work.I have alot of great links there now so don't forget to stop by! There are over 100 Links on the F-Key site from help to fun! Please don't forget to reload CMD+R so you don't miss anything!

This is Abby
Murphy's best friend!Betweem the two of them they keep you on your toes.If there's something to get into they are right there.Abby love the great outdoors and loves to bring me home presents.I would much rather she just left them outside.I have learned the hard way that you just don't open the door without looking to see what she has in her mouth! She has brought so many birds in that I lost track of how many. She is very careful not to hurt them,trust me they can fly real good!One time she brought a baby opossum in and let it loose.It was at night. I had just let her in for the night and on the floor was this little round ball of fur. I couldn't figure out what it was! When I touched it,it screemed then I screemed, them it screemed.I think you get the picture!So I grabbed it by the tail and it kept rolling up and I keep flinging it down.It was like a yoyo.He now live back outside with all the other critters.Just can't wait to see whats next.Well, yes I can!!!!

Awwww!, Such a cute puppy!
You may think he's cute too!
If you put the two of them together you come up with a JACK RUSSELL!I was so sorry to see the show Wish Bone air because I knew everyone would want one. This breed is a terrier breed and if never had a terrier before you don't have any idea what your in for.Don't get me wrong,a more loving and protective dog you'll never find.But they are the most hyperactive dog that you'll ever find!They do not stand still for one minute.Murphy's day starts out by seeing who is outside.I pray that there is nothing out there because the barking,and whineing starts and you can bet its going to continue for the rest of the day!I had a friend over and she said to me " No wonder your hyper this dog doesn't sit still for one minute!"She is a very strange dog at times.I was at a flea market with her one time and there was a man selling sun glasses for dogs. Well,I had to get a pair of them for Murphy.I though,she'll never ware these! But to my surprise she loved them! Never once did she try and take them off! So now when I say,Do you want to go out side she will almost always go to where I keep them and wait till I get them and put them on her.I feel like a nut walking her with them on but what the heck the sun hurts my eyes too! We sure do draw others attention!LOL How about a little about me.I was born in Bridgeton,New Jersey.Thats South Jersey and not to be mistaken for North Jersey! I was raised in a very small town called Centerton.One of those towns where everyone knows everyone.We were 7 miles from any town and right smack dab in the middle of the woods.But we could always find something to do or to get into! We had one little store that carried just about anything you needed and it still had the wood stove in it.We use to go over there when our feet would get cold from ice skating on Centerton lake and warm them up! We would take or bikes and go to Parvins State Park. It was only two houses away and see who could ride over all these 2x12 boards that they had over the little streams without falling it! You guessed it we always came home wet! Wasn't so bad in the summer but in the winter it was a whole different story! Mr.Ragan use to tie our sleds to the back of his truck and pull us all over the place! That was before they knew what child indangerment was! The good news is we all survived and had a ball!I have worked with animals most of my life. Some 2 legged ones but mostly 4 legged ones! At the ages of 12 thru 18 I worked at a day camp. I taught english and western horse back riding. The owner was curator of the Bridgton Zoo so we had everything from to at the camp.This was by far the best job I ever had.I have worked horse farms most of my live and also love that. I now live in Hagerstown,Maryland and have been in Maryland for 9 years.I'm up in the mountains now and it is very pretty here. Wish I had my family closer thats all. I have a brother and a sister and they have give me 1 niece who is going to make me a Great Aunt soon! Man that sounds so old Great Aunt! And 4 nephew.My one and only daughter was killed in a car accident in 1992.She is missed so much but I know we will all meet again and what a happy day that will be! In my house we believe in angels! Can't think of much else to say so guess thats enough about me!

This flower was given to me from my best buddy ~Sherri~

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This flower was given to Murphy from her new boyfriend Jasper and his big brother JoeyB,If you click on Jaspers name there Mommy Jeber will tell you all about them!

The Site Fights Spirit Flowers
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This is a vey special flower "Sapph" gave it to us.She has a great way of keeping me LOL all day long!

The Site Fights Spirit Flowers
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